Traits of a future manager

So, you fancy a management career. Or you are so fed-up with working for others and very much prefer having them work for you. For several years I have looked at different managers and I couldn’t help but noticing certain common traits existing in most of them. Then I looked around at fellow employees to … Continue reading Traits of a future manager

For when you need to choose

There are times in our careers when we have to make a choice: stay in or leave a job, be it for another job or another reason. How can we know which is the right choice? I changed jobs a few times so far and every time I tried to apply a list of reasonable … Continue reading For when you need to choose

Good reads 

During the years whenever I felt I needed a little bit more help with anything, I searched for a good mentor or a good book. Some of the books I used in audio format while commuting to work of doing chores around the house. I paired them with video speeches or lectures from the authors … Continue reading Good reads 

Self sabotaging in job interviews. Part III

8. Contradictory affirmations They may be both correct but incomplete and put together it makes you look like a lier or, at the very best, someone who doesn't control much what they are saying or is completely disorganised. Here's one example: I was in such a hurry to leave home this morning that I didn't realise … Continue reading Self sabotaging in job interviews. Part III