Tips to get you off your but (I)

Hey procrastinators out there, I greet you as my own kind! I’m an eternal procrastinator/planning freak who more often than I’d care to admit doesn’t even respect their own plan … In other words, I’m a procrastinator forced out of my stew because of my job and other personal circumstances but who unavoidably gets back … Continue reading Tips to get you off your but (I)

How to be present in the present

Hands up who has never filled out the wrong column on a form or who has never copied mindlessly what the previous participant had filled out on a presence list! Not paying attention can turn to mishap in a jiffy, not only at work, everywhere and with serious consequences! This study in 2014 found among … Continue reading How to be present in the present

Good reads 

During the years whenever I felt I needed a little bit more help with anything, I searched for a good mentor or a good book. Some of the books I used in audio format while commuting to work of doing chores around the house. I paired them with video speeches or lectures from the authors … Continue reading Good reads