How to be present in the present

Hands up who has never filled out the wrong column on a form or who has never copied mindlessly what the previous participant had filled out on a presence list! Not paying attention can turn to mishap in a jiffy, not only at work, everywhere and with serious consequences! This study in 2014 found among … Continue reading How to be present in the present

Harassment 101 – Your peace of mind

Beyond the interaction with your harasser, the single most important thing to get you through harassment is keeping a healthy mind. Harassment takes a big tow on exactly this, your balance, your wholeness, your confidence level and your emotional and social interactions. So here are a few ideas on how to do that: Work on … Continue reading Harassment 101 – Your peace of mind

Good reads 

During the years whenever I felt I needed a little bit more help with anything, I searched for a good mentor or a good book. Some of the books I used in audio format while commuting to work of doing chores around the house. I paired them with video speeches or lectures from the authors … Continue reading Good reads 

Help, I cannot stop thinking about stuff! 

Whether you're literally dreaming what you have written in the report just a few hours before, seeing that procedure manual in front of your eyes or playing an endless loop in you mind with what you'd say to your moody boss or lazy coworker, I know how you feel! And I admit, I am an … Continue reading Help, I cannot stop thinking about stuff!