The Who’s and the What’s of workplacetrouble.com

Who’s (this for?)  

This site is for people like you and me, the every day folks out there trying to make a living while working with (many) other people.

Nothing and everything is special about us. The majority of us we’re not the boss, we’re not the star of the show, we’re not the owner of the thing, we’re just the every day worker, the mice behind the scene, the mortals, you name it… But we each have our dreams and aspirations, each different and just as valid as those of the next person, and we all want to do well!

What’s this site about

I started this site with the idea of problems at work and how to solve them. But it is not going to be the sole focus of it. I’ll talk about how to, what to, what not to, whys, dos and don’ts; what to do at work so that we manage to get the job done, move forward and get along with people without being stepped on, overworked, over stressed or the like.

I work in an office, a multicultural, multinational and multilingual environment. It may be that some of my posts will have a stronger taste of this blend, but they are all meant for universal reading and use. This is why I will not refer to specific rules for a country or an organisation. Any perceived resemblance to my past or current workplace is purely a coincidence.

Drop a line! 

And tell me how I’m doing! I admit! I am a complete beginner at blogging. So there may be some hiccups here and some major flops there. I know there is plenty of place for improvement and I need you to tell me how.

So, in any case and for any reason you’re reading this, your feedback is welcome and very much appreciated. Feel free to drop line in the comment box after each post. This is about all of us.


There is no fun in this part but I have to say it. These are my personal opinions or a collection of some other people’s opinions, that I quote. They do not engage in any way my former, present or future employers.

We’re also starting from the presumption that our actions are taken as fully grown adults exercising free will. I provide some advice but the actions you chose in your specific situation and their consequences are solely and entirely your responsibility and Workplacetrouble.com and its author hold no liability for them.

Media on this website 

I mostly use pictures from Pixabay on my website, provided free and generally with no attribution required. I hold no liability for the content and royalty rights linked to the pictures coming from Pixabay or similar websites.

I also use pictures taken by myself for which I reserve copyright and assume liability, according to the standard rules in Europe. This will be mentioned at the end of each post to which the photo is linked. If you have questions related to the media posted on this website, please use the contact form to ask me.