Good reads 

During the years whenever I felt I needed a little bit more help with anything, I searched for a good mentor or a good book. Some of the books I used in audio format while commuting to work of doing chores around the house. I paired them with video speeches or lectures from the authors that you can easily find online.

Here are a few of the books that brought me the most value when it comes to solving problems related to work.

This is a random order, for me there is no ranking to apply to these ones, they’re all great!

This is not advertising of any kind, I am not getting any benefits from these authors selling their books. I only made this list because I thing they are really good.

Getting things done by David Allen. A reference point for any of us who was ever confronted with large volumes of work and did not know where to start. It provides a clear, straight forward and easy to use system to render our jobs more efficient and help us gain time for what we want to do. If anything, it would probably be useful to pair this book with a good method to defend that extra time you gain, so that other people will not jump to the occasion to fill it up for you! There is a newer version of this book, equally good, Getting things done with Work-Life balance.  

How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie’s all times best seller. It teaches us to be better, to connect better with others and to defend better our opinions. Although this is the number one book in an advocacy library, it is about genuine connection, not about manipulation. I loved the mind shift it offers.

Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Connecting and networking  it’s more about generosity. The one that you receive from others and the one you give yourself. Keith teaches us to help others and never keep score because that alone will keep us from growing.

Success for dummies and See you at the top together with several speeches by Zig Zigglar, all available for free on YouTube. Zig teaches kindness, gratitude and determination and his books are great for any type of motivation you need. One of his mottos: you will get all you want in life after you’ve helped enough people get what they want.

The charisma myth by Olivia Fox Cabane. The charisma myth not only talks about charisma and it’s components (presence, power and warmth) but actually includes practical exercises that you can use beyond any charisma improvement intentions, to simply increase your resistance to stress or your warmth in interactions with others. Really useful book.

The definitive book of body language by Allan Pease is THE book on body language. It offers great insight into what it is and how to read it. It’s great for interviews and every day life. A word of caution: it’s very easy to mistake a certain body language for a certain type of feeling. Do not assume your readings are correct unless you can put together body language and a matching context. Better yet, go through the other reads above and make sure you grasp sufficiently well the aspect of generosity, not taking it personal and kindness before drawing negative conclusions from reading body language. This great book is best used for adapting your own body language rather than trying to spot the liar in the crowd.

Photo credit: Alexandra (Alexas Photos), Pixabay

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