Self sabotaging in job interviews. Part III

8. Contradictory affirmations They may be both correct but incomplete and put together it makes you look like a lier or, at the very best, someone who doesn’t control much what they are saying or is completely disorganised. Here’s one example: I was in such a hurry to leave home this morning that I didn’t realise I had left my notebook on the table. And then, a little bit later in the conversation say: this morning I woke up pretty early but decided to take a little bit more time to get ready without stressing myself or leaving the table in a mess… You may have been in a hurry to leave home because, even if you got up early, you then had to run to catch the bus to work, but the image of you hurried to leave doesn’t go with the image of you getting up early to relaxingly have breakfast and organise yourself. Better to avoid these type of stories. You surely have better things to talk about!

9. Inappropriate dress-up

In case of emergency break glass. This, for an interview, translates in wearing a classic two piece suit in dark colors with a light colored shirt, not pink. Finish up with clean and simple shoes for men, black decent pumps for women. There are lots of variations but it should stay within decent lines and respect the contrast rule: shirt and suit in contrast! Add one nice elegant accessory – nice watch, tie – only for men -, glasses, earrings, an elegant pen, something they would remember you for. This is your emergency box. Unless you are a renowned expert in the field that any employer would be crazy not to want to have on his pay role, do not deviate from this ever.

10. Obsessing/panicking or overthinking

This dramatically reduces your capacity to respond quickly and well to questions or situations. Keep your head in the moment! Practice mindfulness you must. Do not over stress before the interview about the interview. Instead focus on enhancing your skills and knowledge. You will anyway get the jitters at some point so don’t call them before their time. When you’re riding a bike that’s about to crash into a pole, looking hard at the pole and going “omg, I’m gonna crash!” incessantly in your mind, won’t help. Looking away from the pole might actually reveal your way out of of a painful accident!
This is part III and the last off the self sabotaging chapter. How about you? What other ways do you know in which we self sabotage during an interview? 

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